Welcome to Take 5!

Here are some rules outlining what to expect while you are competing or spectating:


Running order lists will be posted in the facility on the day of the competition. Locate your name on the list and note the time, this will tell you when you will be climbing your first problem. Make sure that you are at your first boulder problem, you’ve checked in the with judge and you are ready to climb a few minutes prior to your starting time.

Select your category to view the running order:


As this is a non-sanctioned ACA competition, there is no isolation for climbers. To encourage onsighting the problems, please avoid looking at the boulder problems and watching other climbers prior to your turn.


Each climber will have a maximum of 5 minutes on the wall at a time. In this 5 minutes they must either complete the problem or run the clock down to zero and begin their 5 minute rest period. If the climber is on the wall and the timer runs to zero, the climber will be called down. They will repeat this cycle until they have run through all four of their boulder problems.

It is recommended that you spend a minimum of 30 minutes warming up, without doing so may result in injury while competing.

Each boulder problem will be taped to indicate starting contact points, zones and tops.

1.) Starting contact points are indicated by tape. One limb (hand or foot) must be in contact for each piece of starting tape before moving off them. These contact points can be in multiple configurations and either one or all four may start in one location.

2.) Zones indicate a hold or volume partway through the climb that is difficult to get to compared to the rest of the problem. These zones will be designated by a piece of tape of a different colour than the starting contact points. If the climber is successful in getting to a zone they are rewarded by getting a higher score. Zones are achieved by showing that the climber is using the zone in a controlled fashion; touching or tapping the zone without using it in a controlled manner will result in the climber not getting the point.

3.) Tops/Finishes are indicated by the same colour tape as the starting points. For a climber to top the boulder problem they must get to the last designated hold in the boulder. This top is only achieved by showing that the climber is in control for a minimum of 3 seconds. Judges will shout “TOP!” And will raise their clipboard to confirm with the climber.

Judges have the right to call you off the wall and restart your climb if you: dab the ground, don’t start with all 4 contact points, cross a hard boundary (Black Tape) or use holds past a soft boundary (White Tape).

Any questions may be directed to the Head Setter, other Route Setters or Judges.

We hope you enjoy Take 5! Have a great climb! Be sure to stay afterwards and enjoy a drink at Dirtbag Cafe!

The Rock Jungle Crew