Our Team

Are they world class climbers? They are not!

Are they excited to show you what they know and have a great time? ABSOLUTELY


Sam Torres

Hailing from Colorado, Sam is our most diversified climber having climbed all over North America. You will have maximum fun learning to boulder with Sam!


Amir Zahreddine

Having fallen in love with both the sport and the people of its community, Amir is always looking for opportunities to introduce others to the community in hopes that they will find the same joy in the lifestyle as he has.


Renae Efird

Founder of the Huge Bicep Girl Bro’s club (HBGB) Renee is one of the most dedicated rising stars in our community!


Doug Kelly

Doug is Great!


Dakota “handsome”Hanson

Our newest community member will share his pysche with you all of the way to the TOP!