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Edmonton's Bouldering Gym


Getting Started


BOuldering...How does that work?

Bouldering is a form of climbing that does not involve ropes or harnesses.  Falls are protected by huge crash pads that absorb your momentum

"Boulder Problems" are hand created climbing routes whereby you have to climb to the top of the wall only using one color of hold.  Problems are changed weekly in order to provide new climbing experiences and challenges

Memberships and day passes

Climb for a day, climb for a month, climb for a year! We offer a variety of membership and day pass options, whether you are looking to try it out or become a commited climber

Programs and courses


What ever your experience with climbing is, we have a course that will push you through to your goals or get you started with bouldering

Our youth programs are focused around building community and long term sustainable athletes.  We have small class sizes and vibrant instructors excited about the growth of kids through our programs